Future-Proof Broadband

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Your Highway to the World

Highway to the WorldRussell County is served by three telecommunications companies, Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (Shentel), Verizon and CPC OptiNet – which makes double and triple broadband redundancy possible for companies locating in our county.

CPC OptiNet was deployed in Russell County through strategic industrial development efforts and is an all-fiber-optic telecommunications network comparable to any in the world. Its voice and data services are transported on multiple, diverse 200 Gbps protected rings that provide immediate redundancy or re-routing of information if a pathway is broken. The network offers affordable digital phone services and advanced broadband to institutions and businesses in the county, providing speeds of up to 1 Gbps and a performance level for data centers as high as tier-4. Middle-mile construction for CPC OptiNet currently underway will eventually bring high speeds and fiber-to-the-home connectivity across Southwest Virginia.

Our world-class network, coupled with Russell County’s inland location and relatively mild climate make our area viable for companies needing locations for data redundancy and/or data storage. Northrop Grumman and CGI are two telecommunications giants that have already located in our Russell Regional Business Technology Park in Lebanon.

CPC OptiNet is provided through a partnership between Cumberland Plateau Company Inc., the nonprofit arm of the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission, and Bristol Virginia Utilities Authority.

Customized Solutions for Customers

CPC OptiNet is highly robust and flexible, and its configurations are expandable to meet virtually any customer need. Network representatives work closely with business customers to determine each company’s needs and goals. They then customize a telecommunications plan based on those strategies.

For more specific information about CPC OptiNet, go to www.bvu-optinet.com.